1128 PM: Technically, it is possible to survive on 30 dirhams for a whole week. That is if you are willing to live off chai, eggs, rice, bread, a whole […]

1245 AM: Most of my preteen years were spent glued to the television watching Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel. Like literally, I have spent a good fraction of my life […]

Life and Blogging The last time I blogged seems a lifetime ago. Regardless of how many times I say to myself today is the day I am FINALLY going to get […]

When did the number one concern on a twenty something year olds mind become marriage? Perhaps the continuous pressure put on us by a certain parent to get married as […]

Did your guy just pop the big question? As a bride to be, there are many responsibilities on head to be tended to, thus planning a bridal shower may just […]

The one question I’m sure most of you have in mind is WHERE to shop for authentic makeup online in Pakistan. With e-commerce becoming the most convenient way for serial […]

Some time ago I was tagged by a dear friend, Bia over at The Beautyfinds to do my second “11 things you did not know about me” post. So without […]

Ainy has a bit of a pimple horror story and wants to give you the chance to share yours to win an amazing goodie hamper! Check out what she has […]

Every year comes around the glorious time of fashion week when designers get cracking on creating exquisite collections to set the trends for the upcoming bridal season. PFDC and L’Oréal collaboratively […]

So I thought I’d get a little personal this time and put up a list of my top 5 hates. YES THE 5 items of clothing/accessories that I hate and […]