"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
― Marilyn Monroe

Urban Decay is known for its superb eyeshadow palettes and for every beauty enthusiast out there, the Naked palettes are definitely a holy grail. With 3 palettes already out there […]

“Hello Sexy”! There’s literally nothing sexier than waking up with no bags or dark circles under your eyes BUT how can that be possible with late nights up at your […]

Being a mega lipstick freak, I am always on the hunt to find long-lasting lipsticks that do not cause much damage to your savings! Newly launched Jordana Cosmetics lipsticks are […]

Ainy has a bit of a pimple horror story and wants to give you the chance to share yours to win an amazing goodie hamper! Check out what she has […]

I’m sure we’ve all heard our dadis and nanis tell us the good ol’ totka of the miraculous “Anda Dahi” being the number one solution to all our hair problems. […]

Every year comes around the glorious time of fashion week when designers get cracking on creating exquisite collections to set the trends for the upcoming bridal season. PFDC and L’Oréal collaboratively […]

So I thought I’d get a little personal this time and put up a list of my top 5 hates. YES THE 5 items of clothing/accessories that I hate and […]

As 2015 slowly draws to an end, once again comes around the time to appreciate those who have shown some sort of achievement in their chosen field of artistic expression. […]

Beauty tycoon, fashionista and one of our very own leading internationally renowned stylists, Nabila, was kind enough to answer a few of our questions post Bridal Couture Week 2015 about […]

As promised our MEGA Eid Giveaway is here!! Special thanks to my lovely blogger bubz who were up for the collaboration and our AMAAZINGG sponsors who were up for it! […]