In primary school, I was the odd sheep. I found it quite hard to speak up for my self or share my opinions as I was bullied due to cystic acne that covered my face and since I was overweight. I was repeatedly compared to the “PUDGE” character from the game DOTA 2. My grades fell to a point I was getting straight “F’s” and “U’s”.

In middle school, I was the smart one. I participated in most extra curricular activities and was a recognised academic excellence achiever. I received several awards and made a small group of friends, however the verbal tyranny continued as I was not the prettiest one.

In high school, I was the outspoken and chatty one. Some would call me the life of the party, others would say I was a bit too much for them… I learnt I was not just academically smart but also an individual with a whack mind of my own.

Today, I am Natasah. The creative mind with a mind and voice going off in a whole new direction. Where? Perhaps some higher power could enlighten me as well as it would be great to know!