From scrambled eggs to pancakes, who doesn’t love themselves some breakfast food at any given time of the day! Earlier this week we were invited to try out Sophie’s Café’s […]

1128 PM: Technically, it is possible to survive on 30 dirhams for a whole week. That is if you are willing to live off chai, eggs, rice, bread, a whole […]

1245 AM: Most of my preteen years were spent glued to the television watching Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel. Like literally, I have spent a good fraction of my life […]

Life and Blogging The last time I blogged seems a lifetime ago. Regardless of how many times I say to myself today is the day I am FINALLY going to get […]

Which girl doesn’t love some R&R time to her self? I personally believe it’s very important to set aside some time every week (if not every few days) to spend […]

What’s the point of an eye shadow palette you won’t use? It’s eventually going to expire (yes people, even eye shadows have a shelf life!) and you’re going to go […]

When did the number one concern on a twenty something year olds mind become marriage? Perhaps the continuous pressure put on us by a certain parent to get married as […]

The one question I’m sure most of you have in mind is WHERE to shop for authentic makeup online in Pakistan. With e-commerce becoming the most convenient way for serial […]

Being a mega junkie for matte finish lipsticks, I just could not wait to get my hands on these babies! Raved for their vegan, cruelty free, paraben free AND gluten free […]

Some time ago I was tagged by a dear friend, Bia over at The Beautyfinds to do my second “11 things you did not know about me” post. So without […]