From scrambled eggs to pancakes, who doesn’t love themselves some breakfast food at any given time of the day! Earlier this week we were invited to try out Sophie’s Café’s newly launched breakfast menu! Located in Metro Central Hotel in Barsha Heights (TECOM), the cosy, home style café features organic and wholesome foods while offering options for vegans as well as those with food allergies.

Sophie's Café Dubai Salad Bar

We made our way to the café at around 11AM, the perfect time for a bit of an early brunch! To my dismay, the table we decided to sit on was left dirty and the service was initially quite slow as it took fifteen minutes just to catch the waiter’s attention. As soon as we got the menu we placed our order for the big breakfast, sweetcorn and spring onion avocado toast, a flat white coffee with a double shot of espresso and soy milk as well as the berrylicious smoothie.Sophie's Café Dubai Flat White Coffee

The flat white was just alright, nothing special as it was not as strong as I would have liked (considering I asked for a double shot) however I was pleasantly surprised by the choice of non-dairy options Sophie’s Café has to offer! For those of us who are lactose intolerant, you can choose from soy milk, almond milk AND coconut milk. Next time I shall try a different type of coffee so I can decide whether the strength was just a one off incident or whether the grounds they use are not as strong since I love myself a strong cuppa coffee.

Sophie's Dubai Berrylicious Smoothie

The berrylicious smoothie was AMAZING and we absolutely loved it! Refreshing and light but packed with the not too sour nor too sweet flavour of well..berries! Aside from berries, the smoothie contains apple juice, honey and bananas making it a mini meal on its own. Sophie's Dubai Corn and Spring Onion Avocado Toast

The avocado toast with sweet corn and spring onions was the start of the show! The three seed bread was toasted to perfection. The flavours of the sweet corn and well seasoned avocado meshed really well together! I personally loved how rather than mashing up the avocado they left it chunky as it added more texture to the dish. We recommend topping off the avocado toast with runny poached eggs and letting the yolk run over it for an added hit of richness. 
Sophie's Dubai Big Breakfast

Sophie’s Café’s big breakfast consists of two eggs (made any way you like ’em), a hash brown, a corn fritter, sautéed mushrooms, home style beans, grilled tomato and veal bacon. We like our eggs scrambled and were delighted to find that they were nice and fluffy rather than dried out. The beans were well prepared and were much better than your usual straight out of the can baked beans. The rest of the sides were slightly under seasoned but then we desis love our “mirch masala” so it was nothing a little bit of salt and pepper couldn’t fix! The corn fritter and hash brown were quite nice but were not as golden (and crispy) as we would have liked. The bacon strips were quite soggy rather than crisp and the mushrooms, even though cooked well, were nothing special either.

All in all the breakfast experience went quite well and we will be going back to try out other dishes from their wholesome menu. Have you tried out the newly launched breakfast menu at Sophie’s Café Dubai? What are your faves? 




P.S: A special shout out to our very own Anum Saleem who joined me for this tasting experience. Also a shout out to TishTashTalks for inviting us to try out the newly launched menu.


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