1245 AM:

Most of my preteen years were spent glued to the television watching Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel. Like literally, I have spent a good fraction of my life fantasising about Drake (Reference to Drake and Josh, if you do not know that show you had a sad, sad childhood) to obsessing over not missing a single episode of Lizzie McGuire and then going on to owning all possible fan merchandise available. As a 22 year old when I now watch these shows it reminds me of how simple it all was for us back then. I mean imagine my horror when my dad handed my two younger sisters (ages 9 and 8!!!!) brand new iPhone 7’s with contracted sim cards. I mean are you kidding me? It took us 17 years to fully gain free access to technological devices. Today, kids that are 9 years old know more than we ever did at that age.  Might die of shock..soon.

The most important thing right now is the decision I have yet to make. To go all the way downstairs and munch on that leftover, oh so satisfying butter chicken or to force myself to sleep and then end up binge eating Prince chocolate biscuits. Life is full of choices. I think I’ll ask one of the girls what they would do… we all share a mutual love for food. Food be bae. Food be yours for life.

549 PM:

Girls are over. Well we’ve been friends for four years and our tradition of emergency coffee rant sessions is still a very important tradition of ours. When I said we all have a mutual love for food, let me elaborate. The fourth member of “us” is on her way here and has been ordered by us to bring flaming hot Cheetos, gum and cigarettes. Yes, tis’ a normality. God knows what I’d do without them.

715 pm:

I am being disciplined and only surviving on coffee. I shall treat myself later to free food courtesy of my parents, maybe even dessert.

349 pm:

In Galwaygirl and NomNom’s words: “Kokki char gayi”. You know that feeling when you eat way too much and then are overpowered with laziness (see what I did there), well that is exactly what happens to me most nights including last night. So we got home by midnight (note: when going out with friends curfew is 11pm unless it’s a shaadi in which case it gets extended by 2 hours. Generally though, the atmosphere stays calm if you’re home before dinner time otherwise hell does tend to break lose over petty issues. I miss my independency and need to go back to Dubai asap.)

So yes, kokki. I slept around 4 AM though but in my defence I was being productive by reading this novel I bought (while nickelodeon was on the tv of course!) Sleeping for a decent 10 hours on a regular basis is what forms the basis of a very chilled out holiday and are indeed what Sundays were made for (unless you live in the Emirates of course, in that case Saturday).


Sundays are boring in Pakistan. Unless you find ways to emotionally blackmail your best friend to join you for one of those super awkward regular family dinners. They adore her mostly because she doesn’t spend all day in her pyjamas like I do. Everyone’s different, okay?

A dear friend from Dubai called. Awkwardly enough it was showing up as an unknown caller and an Islamabad number so I declined the call the first time. Why is this sort of stuff happening to me lately? Why can’t numbers just show up as they actually are meant to?

Going for impromptu ice cream in pyjamas and slippers with the fambam now. For us its all about dessert after dinner. Some things just never change..

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My name is Natasah but almost everyone refers to me as "Nat."​ I'm a social media junky with a knack for writing and midnight cleaning. When i'm not doing either of these things i'm usually cuddling my cat, Pashmak or binge watching TV shows on Netflix.

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