Fashion LIVE hosted a meet and greet for bloggers last Friday powered by the French Pharma company, Bioderma Pakistan. It was a casual affair with lots of beauty talk, discussions and debates with the main point of conversation being to raise awareness about skin care products and why people should take care when choosing one from the other. The venue was the tasteful Dialogue located at Bukhari Commercial.

The session started off with Bioderma’s spokesperson speaking about the harm that a lot of the mass-market brands end up doing and how they manipulate their customers with false claims. The presentation quickly jumped to the stigma that the Pakistani society has regarding dark skin. It’s paramount that women realize that it’s not about the color of their skin, but how smooth and fine it is. They opened doors for bloggers and aspiring women entrepreneurs to connect and talk about the local skin care industry and how it can be improved.


The interactive Q&A session aimed to engage the audience and encourage a free-flow of ideas. Gift hampers were given to the audience members that answered the most questions, along with the ones that tweeted the most. It was great to engage the on-ground audience along with the online users following the event.

Bioderma decided to make the event even more interactive by providing digital consultations on what kind of products would suit each individual’s skin. It was great to see how far the skin-care industry has progressed in the last decade, and that personalized products are now available in the market. Bioderma highlighted how their products are genuine compared to other mass-market brands and how we, as a collective society, need to lift the stigma off of skin color.

The presentation was followed by a PR session where the bloggers talked about skincare and such over a delightful lunch with great food courtesy of Dialogue.The event was productive as I’m sure we all learned a lot about skin-care (I certainly did)and how our society embraces the use of harmful skin products to make us fairer in lieu of genuine products that actually offer some good for your skin. Bioderma topped it off by sending the bloggers a gift hamper filled with their products – a gesture we are most grateful for!

Do you guys use any Bioderma products? What’s your fave?

Written by Barriya Ansari
Make-up artist by profession, and a socialite by choice, I aspire to showcase what's trending in the world. When I'm not sitting with my cup of green tea, I can be found with a paint brush in my hand, painting the canvas - at times it could even be a face when I'm managing my very own makeup studio (Under My Umbrella. Four things that complete me: wholesome food, a good night's sleep, makeup and working out at the gym. I absolutely adore travelling and exploring a different side of the world - exotic places, new food and faces is a plus. Xo,B

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