When did the number one concern on a twenty something year olds mind become marriage? Perhaps the continuous pressure put on us by a certain parent to get married as soon as possible as according to them we have no other purpose left to life. Might as well just say yes and go with what they say or they will simply lock us up into our houses and suffocate us till we literally have nothing left within us.

Baita, how could you rest? How is it possible that you could get tired? No, cannot happen. Never again! You are wrong for being tired. You are wrong for breathing lallalalala”.

Okay sure I agree we all are entitled to our own views. According to them if we get tired after a busy day, decide to take a nap and accidentally sleep in and wake up after dinnertime it’s the ENDDD OF THE WORLD!! (Imagine simultaneous bombs going off all around you). Does that even make any sense?

Sometimes life seriously just stops making sense. Your aspirations are disregarded due to circumstances that can be changed, however a little bit of change scares people. As the world continues to evolve and adapt to new cultures and broadened prospective our own people cling on to old “khayalaat” and the oh so commonly used excuse “ logg kya kahengey?”

We see people around us, acquaintances, and friends, even family, live on their normal lives minus all the daily chaos and dramatics that go on in ours. Maybe we are just all drama queens lost in our parallel universe that doesn’t really exist? No, maybe we’re just another species, so unknown and alien to our own parents that they misunderstand almost every action we take without their guidance.

Oh and then comes time to raise the one question they’ve been dreading to answer. “When is it going to be our turn to leave the nest?” How is it that most of our friends are graduating, abroad, somewhat independent yet here we are, begging and pleading for permission. It’s either the permission or the questioning of whether it would be a worthy investment for them to send us abroad.

But paisey khattam ho jaenge, phir kya karenge? Shaadi kahan se karwaenge tumhari?”

It’s true that on the surface we come across as independent young women who travel the world and shop their backsides off but there is more to life than Tom Ford lipsticks and glittery Furla candy bags

Every family has its own code of conduct, a silent rulebook with defied conditions. Failure to abide by these rules results in interrogation followed by the odd pin drop silence. Days and weeks can go by without any conversation whatsoever and then all of a sudden snap! Everything goes back to the way it was, as if nothing had ever happened in the first place. Perhaps they can get over such instances however at times we do expect a little bit of leniency or at least the chance to advocate for our actions. If we aren’t allowed to speak out and explain why our guy friend (no, not boyfriend. Maybe a friends boyfriend who) just happened to be kind enough to drop you home after you three hung out. Oh yes, did I mention a few more of your friends were there with you too? The humiliation of having to hear about how it’s a sin to sit in the vehicle of a member of the opposite sex unless he is (A) your driver, (B) your father, (C)your husband, (D) a close family member. Does it make sense? NO! NO IT DOES NOT. In a world that’s quickly progressing is a girl meant to consider convenience or wait for hours, wasting time that could have been used for something perhaps a little more productive?

Now that I’m done getting all of that out, I went ahead and chopped off my hair and dyed it ebony black. A bit of a shocker as I usually stick to brown hues however the color change does make my eyes pop tons more. Black hair does tend to wash you out a whole lot (I finally learnt the reason why bronzers exist). Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of change, a few good friends while you’re at it and of course the support of your family to boost your confidence and help you learn your true potential.

Glass ceilings

P.s the above situations are not all my personal experience.

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My name is Natasah but almost everyone refers to me as "Nat."​ I'm a social media junky with a knack for writing and midnight cleaning. When i'm not doing either of these things i'm usually cuddling my cat, Pashmak or binge watching TV shows on Netflix.

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