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The last time I blogged seems a lifetime ago. Regardless of how many times I say to myself today is the day I am FINALLY going to get to sit down and write, something or the other seems to come up. I guess time management is key when balancing household chores, university load and having a life. I bet there are so many of us out there who after spending hours typing out assignment after assignment dread the idea of having to stare at a screen for any longer. I miss writing about my love for makeup but at the same time I find it therapeutic to apply it rather than spending forever clicking pictures and reviewing just the product. I was thinking of doing a guide for university students about what and what not to bring along with them or perhaps now that I’ve finally got my tripod with me I could do makeup tutorials in my dorm room? (Suggestions needed so remember to comment below……..pwettyplease).


Moving out of the nest has been the experience of the lifetime for me. I learnt how to whip up a decent “salan” after years of hearing my Dadi rant about how “Khaana pakana seekh lou, shaadi karogi tou saas kya kahegi ke dekho ghar waalon ne khaana pakana bhi nai sikhaya.” I wish she would have encourage me to learn to cook for when I’d be off on my own instead (NO HUSBAND NECESSARY OKAY?) because after eating shawarma and pizza for ten days, all I could think about was how i’d kill for a huge helping of “daal chaawal, shaami kabab and achaar” would be.


To sum it up, LEARN how to cook the friggin salan or live off not-so-satisfying crap that will make you groggy. Nutella bread is an exception of course. Plus find yourself some good friends who you can cook and eat with. Trust me it makes a huge difference just knowing that you’re not the only one in the building whose apartment smells like desi masalas. 

Food 2



My appreciation for the value of makeup has actually increased even though I haven’t been writing about it. Buying a shit load of makeup in one go does NOT make sense because TBH, we never get around to using all of it do we? I ended up giving away half of my curated collection to close friends and family (surprising no?). I stopped applying makeup on a daily basis however I promised myself I would not be buying any new makeup till I finish my stock. I couldn’t keep the promise and ended up buying an eyeliner impulsively. Every time I use it the guilt kills me but oh well, once a serial shopper always a serial shopper. I’d say in the past few months I’ve broken out of my comfort zone and experimented with products rather than the same old, or at least I try. Letting go of my glossy signature lip has been the most difficult part and it is still something I am working on. Oh and I FINALLY perfected my winged eyeliner (heck yes! I can now say it’s on fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!)


Living alone is super peaceful but it can get pretty lonely after some time. Obviously I made tons of new friends but I was lucky I ended up having my best friend move with me. I mean can you imagine living in a foreign country (yes okay I know it’s juuuuuusssstttt Dubai but still) surrounded by unknown people, that too an hour out of downtown LITERALLY in the middle of nowhere. We call the area “booney land” but that’s another story that I’ll save for another blog post. Some of my friends have even flown out to come stay with me for a few days. I couldn’t ask for more now could I? ♥


Bumping into Sushmita with my babies was the highlight of this semester.

I hope you guys enjoyed this diary/ rant/ IDK what to call it. Remember to leave your comments below!

Much love always.

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