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What’s the point of an eye shadow palette you won’t use? It’s eventually going to expire (yes people, even eye shadows have a shelf life!) and you’re going to go on and on about how “istimaal tou kiya nahein, leney ka kya faida tha?”[1] Of course with that follows the silent taunts of those close to you about how you insist on wasting your money, binge buying things you do not need! I’m sure none of us need super expensive palettes with shades that you simply will never use.

Morphe 35 W 1
Everybody needs a warm palette, a neutral matte palette and maybe a cool shades palette or something with neon eye shadows. Whether you opt for shimmery shadows (as I tend to) or love your mattes, Morphe seems to have something for everyone. While I will share some more of my must have palettes, the Morphe 35 W palette remains one of my most used and favorite ones.

The name 35 W basically means that there are a whooping 35 eye shadows in this beaut of a palette and all have warm undertones. The packaging is simple, not drawing attention from the gorgeous goodies within.

You can find out more about this palette and order it online for $19.99 (IT’S ON SALE PEOPLE!!! ORIGINALLY IT’S FOR $39.99) here.


1st Row

First Row

2nd row

Second Row

3rd row

Third Row

4th Row

Fourth Row

5th Row

Fifth Row

Why I love this palette:

  • Most (but not all) the shades are shimmery and personally I love a certain amount of glitter to make the shadows pop a bit more. If you prefer matte shadows, the 35 N Color Matte Palette as the shades are pretty much the same.
  • 35 frikkin eye shadows is quite a variety and for the price, they’re totally worth every penny.
  • Amazing pigmentation and when they say a little can go a long way, they’re right!
  • Even though they are talc based (powders), theyglide on super smoothly and blend amazing.

Why I dislike this palette:

  • I only wish the packaging had a mirror in it too as it would make it a whole lot more convenient than having to use a separate mirror. The palette is quite big in size so maneuvering with a lot of clutter can be challenging and messy.





[1] You didn’t use it, so what was the point of buying it?


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