The one question I’m sure most of you have in mind is WHERE to shop for authentic makeup online in Pakistan. With e-commerce becoming the most convenient way for serial shoppers (like myself) to haul, there are many EVIL scammers online. The number one scam is faced with authenticity of products as there are several websites/ Facebook pages that sell dupes without letting their client know. Furthermore, at times sellers do not offer “Cash on delivery” and end up scamming people for their money.

At first, I too was hesitant to shop online as my first experience was HORRIBLE. I ended up ordering a ton of makeup through a Facebook page and after several MONTHS of delays and excuses, I received fake products. This totally put me off and I stopped purchasing online. I’d wait for a vacation to shop, but this didn’t work out as how many times can one go on a vacay? It just doesn’t work out for someone who has the urge to shop all day, everyday.

Today, I’m going to share with you my personal favourite Facebook pages and groups to purchase makeup and other items from. These are not going to be in any particular order of preference however, I can vouch for their authenticity.

Starting off with pages, the ladies behind these pages cater to all USA. Some even help out with orders that may not be of beauty related products so it’s always best to drop them an inbox message with your queries. Furthermore, they are SUPERB at giving advice when it comes to brands and products as sometimes the vast variety of makeup out there can be intimidating. Have a budget? No problemo at all! They’d be happy to help you out at all times with your gazillion queries. But do go easy on them! Sometimes we tend to take them for granted and forget that they too have a personal life other than their business.

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For MAC orders: 




Sometimes you can find pretty good deals on preloved and even brand new makeup in Facebook groups such as Sheops and Buy, Sell, Swap (Pakistan). These are closed groups and you’ll have to wait for one of the administrators to approve your request to join. Furthermore, you can bargain for some pretty amazing accessories, shoes, clothes and EVEN designer wear. Try to find a friend who’s a member of one of these groups and ask them to add you! But it’s best to be careful in these groups and check out the sellers reviews before making a purchase (they have separate notes/documents with everyones experiences and feedback).


I hope this post is helpful to you beauts out there! Happy shopping ♥






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