Op-ed: Connectivity

“Welcome to the age of un-innocence”. A seriously techy generation: always glued to a device or blowing up socials, walking into walls and whatnot. Family luncheons turned into days of solitude, cooped up within the four walls of designated space, behind some sort of screen. Meeting up for coffee with your girls turned into the whole gang joining in on impromptu Zoom dates and romance is now non-stop texting back and forth, or God forbid if he doesn’t reply instantly, he must be cheating! Not taking into account the fact that we are living in a ReAL WoRlD PaNdEmiC (please feel my hint of sarcasm because of how lightly people are taking it). We literally eat, breathe and shit technology like we do our food – the reliance is appaling.

I can’t deny the addiction, heck by profession I am a digital marketer therefore it was bound to happen! BUT, I do find myself switching my phone off or to aeroplane more often than I ever have before. It’s not like I don’t want to talk to those I’m close to. The simple fact is I do, more now that social distancing is the new normal but having to text and Snapchat over personal, in the flesh contact is becoming overwhelming…

Another key factor to consider is how little you can communicate through a mere man-made piece of metal. Sure, technology will continue to advance how it always has, but what about old school connection? The meaning of words that once could literally shake one’s core are now typed across a screen, sometimes neglected as if they mean nothing. Is it too much to ask for a break from it all and maybe even disconnect? The whole introspective of being so connected, yet not connected at all doesn’t make sense. I have decided, therefore, to embark on a bit of a personal journey.

Connections that are not meaningful to me, do not have a place in my circle. Nor do people who create unwarranted drama wherever they tread. I mean… who has time for someone who needs to be baby fed consistently despite being a much elder and experienced individual? Cut them out. Someone pisses you off again and again? Allah Hafiz. Just snipping them out as I identify. Anna’s mantra of letting it go is highly applicable when it comes to imbeciles we do not like.

Not settling for less any more, whether that’s in a professional, personal or even in the case of love is also part of the plan. I want consistency, at the very least, in all aspects of life so that when the storm does finally strike I have my ship well-anchored, stronger than I have in the past. Whutt storm? Till then remember, nothing can bother you till you give it the power to, a power you can take back whenever you desire.

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