They say you’re something that is constant and dependable in an ever-changing world,
But, how was I supposed to assure myself that?
They say you’re something that’s highly visible to the eye, preferably something prominent,
But, how was I supposed to assure myself that?

I had never really heard about you, until a while ago when I actually came across your existence,
The routine self-consciousness is how it began,
“Another well-proportioned man that I’ll never be made known to” is what I thought to myself,
Oh, what an inconsolable yet peculiar notion that was.

Without even having the wildest of imaginations, that night strangely felt calm,
I shut my eyes, flashed a smile and drifted off to the sleep I had been waiting for,
Again, it was oddest of odds to endure that,
Why did I undergo that? What was in your eyes that left me bewildered?

Weeks to days, days to hours and hours to minutes, our distance shortened inconclusively,
Psychically and mentally I started feeling less tired, still pondered, why it was so?
Little could I figure, you realised about me which I could never…

I started occupying all of your time without having any consent,
With the passing days I had an epiphany, you my beloved are god-sent,
Oh, how enchanting it was, witnessing the starry night-sky with you,
Our hands brushed together, my pulse gait wholly anew,
The song now ringing in my ears for years, your heartbeat fixed it leaving me in mirthful tears.

It was time then for me to ultimately follow my intuition,
But what did I even know about how to start this expedition?
Hastily came in silent encouragement from you, I could feel time and time again, before I knew, you stepped into my personal domain,
What was it for? Who was I to you? Why did it feel like a rendezvous?

I specified my path as per my will, let the scheme of ‘Go with the flow’ take over,
Considering each event as a source of amazement for my soul,
Having you in all directions gave me the feeling of being utterly whole,
Without even the diminutive idea of what was going to come next, I let out the self no one had seen only to later wonder where you had been?

You took my hand and introduced me to a world unknown to most,
The withering and tethering slowly started fading away,
I met those with utmost reliability, those who remind of eternity,
How I wish you to be a part of it when I’m learned, but the greater sorrows are yet to be faced.

Written by Ramin Ali

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